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Water worries

Concerns about water use in fracturing operations are moving north, but Canada has a head start in managing the issue

By Lynda Harrison and Carter Haydu

Water WorriesUnlike in the United States, the challenges of treating flowback water used in hydraulic fracturing has received little attention in Canada, but that won’t last, predicts one water handling company.


Under Siege

Caught in the crossfire in the war over climate change, pipeline companies collaborate behind the scenes to improve safety and maintain social licence to operate

Under SiegeThe Canadian pipeline industry finds itself in the crosshairs as environmentalists in Canada and the United States wage a proxy war targeting the industry as a means of stopping oilsands development, which the environmentalists believe is helping drive climate change.


Viking conquest

Operators aggressively target Viking tight oil play, driven by low costs and high netback


Viking ConquestLow drilling and completion costs, combined with high netbacks, have made the Viking tight oil play running from west-central Saskatchewan westward into central Alberta the busiest resource play in western Canada.


Breaking up

As completions technologies evolve, operators customize fracturing processes on a play-by-play basis with a focus on cutting costs and raising production

By Darrell Stonehouse with notes from the Daily Oil Bulletin

Breaking upFracturing horizontal wells is an expensive proposition up front. In the emerging Duvernay shale play, Yoho Resources Inc. reported completion costs of $7 million per well—or a little over 58 per cent of the cost of drilling, casing and completing the well—this summer.


Dirty Work

It takes grit to make Lloydminster heavy oil payoff


Lloydminster heavy oil is one of the most profitable resource plays in North America, according Scotia Capital Inc.'s ranking of plays released in March.


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