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The Oil & Gas Inquirer brings you the latest drilling activity with a screenshot of the current drilling rig survey and the license issues for the month.

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Still next year country

Low oil prices stall out promising oil exploration in southern Alberta

Still Next Year CountryJust when it seemed a handful of junior exploration companies were making progress on unlocking a number of oil plays in southern Alberta, low prices are now putting much of that exploration and technical development effort on hold.


Bumpy ride

Oilfield manufacturers travel a rough road with plenty of ups and downs

The last decade has been wild ride for Canadian manufacturers of oilfield equipment and machinery, according to Statistics Canada.

Bumpy RideThe trend has been upward, with sales of mining and oil and gas field machinery increasing almost every year from 2003-13 and more than doubling in value. But the bad years have been real bad.


Getting connected (or plugging in)

Industrial Internet could drive oilpatch efficiency, says GE

In the last decade, the consumer-driven Internet has grown into a $1-trillion industry with three billion users connected worldwide.


Beating down costs in the Bakken

Low prices and changing technologies drive efficiency in southeastern Saskatchewan

With oil prices halved in the last seven months, it is little surprise that activity expectations are down in southeastern Saskatchewan oil country.


Back to the future

Low prices generate growing interest in recompleting older unconventional wells

With over 1,100 service rigs active in Canada, along with 326 coiled tubing spreads, the well completion and intervention sector is well supplied.


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