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Connecting the dots


SAGD operators combine technologies, strategies to wring out more value from reservoirs

Connecting the dotsThermal oilsands operators are combining a variety of technologies—including infill drilling, multilateral wells, co-injection of methane or solvent with steam, and new flow-control devices—in an effort to cut operating costs and capture more resources from bitumen deposits in northeastern Alberta.


Signs of life

Waiting game continues in northeastern B.C. shale plays, but in background work continues to bring gas to market

Signs of lifeDrilling activity in the Horn River and Liard Basin shale plays in northeastern British Columbia is almost at a standstill, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t work being done behind the scenes to prove up reserves and prepare for future liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports.


Liquid Gold

Deep-cut facilities turning central Alberta liquids stream into money maker

Ram RiverKeyera Corp. has been waiting for a natural gas liquids (NGLs) rush in western Alberta for much of the last decade.


Will the Duvernay set off a midstream building boom?

Will the Duvernay set off a midstream building boom?

The emerging Duvernay shale play will create opportunities for a wide range of new infrastructure, including condensate stabilization, once producers figure out what is needed, an institutional investors conference heard late last year.


Big wheels turning

Oilfield haulers track ups and downs in industry capital spending while awaiting gas drilling uptick

Big wheels turningWestern Canada’s oilfield haulers have been in a holding pattern for the last two years as flat drilling expenditures have meant little room for growth, says Murray Mullen, chief executive officer of the diversified trucking and oilfield service company Mullen Group Ltd.


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